What would to say to the next generation?!

Charles Handy has been described as ‘one of the giants of contemporary thought’. We’ve been very privileged that he has been very actively involved with Caplor Horizons from the outset. For instance earlier this year Charles accompanied us to India to contribute to two of the organisations we have been working with there (see picture below). Many people heard that he had a stroke. We met him very recently. We’re pleased to pass on that he is making a good recovery. For those who are not aware of his work, according to one reviewer, ‘Charles’s earlier books - including Understanding Organizations and ‘Gods of Management - changed the way the world viewed management. His later work on broader issues and trends - such as Beyond Certainty’ and The Second Curve - changed the way we view society’.


Charles is pictured below talking to members of the core team at Alliance India in an activity called ‘the empty chair exercise’ in which he was responding to questions and sharing his insights and perspectives. 

Charles has a new book called ‘21 Letters of Life and its Challenges’. One reviewer explains how ‘Handy builds on a life's work to glimpse into the future and see what challenges and opportunities the next generation faces. How will people cope with change in a world where the old certainties no longer apply? What goals will and should they set themselves? How will they find purpose and fulfilment in their lives? Clear-eyed and optimistic by turns, he sets out the questions that everyone needs to ask themselves, and points us in the direction of the answers.’

This week we have been with Enclude, a very dynamic technology focused organisation based in Dublin. We are excited about developing a long term collaboration with them. They explain: ‘we know that the problems of society that charities are trying to solve are complex and require a multi-faceted and interdisciplinary response. We want to bring affordable, trustworthy and effective systems to Irish charities so that they can maximise their impact. As a non-profit, our relationship with our clients is a genuine partnership between charities whereby we share our knowledge and resources in order to enable I.T. solutions to drive their mission’

Ella Fitzgerald quote:"it isn’t where you come from; it’s where you are going that counts"