What is the Leaderful Way?

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What is The Leaderful Way? Dr Lynne (Sedgmore) CBE, who recently joined us as an Advisor, has just created ‘The Leaderful Way’. The Leaderful Way embraces the vital question: “How can everyone lead together to achieve a sustainable future?” It offers an integrated approach with three pathways: ‘Soul’, ‘Service’ and ‘Synchronous’. The paper provides insights into some fascinating emerging literature, the benefits and challenges of practising ‘The Leaderful Way’. Also some ideas about how The Leaderful Way can be practically implemented. Click here to read the paper. And here for more background about Lynne on our website.

This week we have been with Dharohar, a not for profit based in Udaipur, India. Dharohar run experiential learning programmes in schools and in public spaces which encourage children to break out of their textbooks and explore the world. Our contribution has centred around leadership and team development. Some pupils at a secondary school along with a teacher and members of some of the Dharohar team are pictured here with Ian. In this session, the pupils are taking part in a very engaging exercise to gain new insights about science.


Starhawk quote: “In leaderful groups we can create powerful zones of action where many people can become effective agents of change. All of us can be respected and rewarded for our contributions, supporting one another to act”