What does your culture tree look like?

What is a Culture Tree?! Organisational culture is very important. Various tools are available. We recommend people consider our ‘Culture Tree’. Click here to see a presentation about it. You are welcome to contact us if you would like to know more.  

The Culture Tree builds on the internationally renowned work of Gerry Johnson and Kevan Scholes. They first proposed a ‘Cultural Web’ for looking and changing organisational culture. We have focused on a tree for a few reasons. For instance, like a tree growing, to emphasise the living, dynamic, changing nature of culture and how it can have seeds giving the possibility of starting everything afresh. Also we have symbolised the roots of the tree to be ‘values’ which we believe can be crucial nourishment to organisational culture. This includes to what extent organisational values celebrate and value diversity and difference. How do they help give people a sense of passion and purpose to succeed?

The branches of the tree are summarised as follows…

  • What are the Stories inside the organisation and what do they tell you about who is valued? 

  • What Symbols around the organisation tell people that you value difference and embrace equalities irrespective of gender, race, sexual orientation, religion, disability, age and so on?

  • Is there a level playing field for opportunities and progression that is supported by theStructures? 

  • Are your Control Systems measuring the right things or do they promote bias?

  • Do your Routines and Rituals celebrate inclusivity and collaborative behaviours?

  • Is the Power and influence in the system only vested in an ‘old boys’ network or is it possible to rise to the top or influence outcomes on merit and irrespective of background

Professor Sharon Turnbull, one of our Advisors, has written two Thought Leadership Papers relating to culture. Click here to read about leading successful and lasting cultural change; and click here to read about understanding, living, and leading the values of your organisation.

Thank you to all our supporters and Advisors! We are fortunate to have over 60 members along with some Trusts and Foundation’s that provide much appreciated support. Many of our supporters are also Advisors. For instance, Kay and Richard Harvey have been tremendous supporters from the outset. We have recently had meetings with Richard, who is also an active Advisor. For instance, engaging with him to meet Will Mansell, the CEO of The Grace Foundation, a social enterprise in Gloucestershire, UK who we have been working with.