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Inspiring and Enabling Leaders to Deliver a Sustainable Future

The Team

Caplor Horizons has a dynamic team of Advisors, specialising in a wide range of fields. Advisors contribute time and expertise for the benefit of society, doing this on a voluntary or reduced rate basis. In this way we support smaller organisations that might otherwise not be able to afford high quality services.

We have a small team of Staff, a voluntary Board of Trustees, and a growing membership base. Scroll down to find out more about our Trustees, Staff, Advisors and Membership. 

During the past year, our Advisors contributed over 600 days of their time - I’m delighted to be playing an active role.
— Dr Peter Moore – Governance Advisor

Matching Needs

We match the needs of organisations, teams and individuals to the skills and experience of our team.
— Richard Harvey – Strategy Advisor, Former - CEO of Aviva

Our Advisors

Below is a selection of our advisors. Clicking on the photos will show you the relevant biography.

Become an Advisor

We have an expanding team of Advisors willing to contribute their time on a voluntary basis. 

This is an opportunity to do the best work you’ve ever done!
— John White - Advisor

Our Board

Below are the members of our board. Clicking on the photos will show you the relevant biography.

Our Staff


Lorna Pearcey - Co Director

Lorna is Co-Director of Caplor Horizons. Her role encompasses many elements, from strategic development and supporting our team of Advisors, to directly designing and delivering activities to strengthen the effectiveness of other organisations.

Previously, her work included being a senior manager with a local development agency. Based in the West of England, she worked with the public, private and social sectors to develop and implement programmes that focused on rural sustainability. 

Highly self-motivated, Lorna has a broad base of skills, a depth of understanding of sustainability and a track record of turning ideas into reality.

Inspired by international experiences, she has consistently focused on personal, organisational and community development. She has a wide variety of experience: as a school governor, as a trustee of an environmental charity, and as a board member of an Environmental Study Centre.

Lorna's first degree focused on anthropology and comparative religion. At Masters level she studied Environmental Ethics. Outside Caplor Horizons, her interests include ongoing personal development and enjoying the adventures of parenthood! She is a keen appreciator of other cultures, including through literature, art and dance.



Jean Sellar - Partnership and Programmes Coordinator

Jean is the Partnerships and Programmes Co-ordinator at Caplor Horizons. She believes that people are the building blocks for positive change in our world. Her choices and ambitions reflect this. Jean has spent time leading young volunteers in Sub-Sharan Africa on inclusive education projects, as well as supporting development through outdoor learning. Caplor Horizons provides her with an opportunity to further explore her passion in the development of people and teams, as well as the role these people play in shaping the organisations they are a part of. 

As part of the team, Jean work closely with the Advisors and partners to support the coordination and delivery of programmes. She also works on specific projects, such as gathering research and information for Impact Reports for both local and international organisations. In addition, Jean supports the strategic development of some of Caplor Horizons’ partner organisations. 

Jean is currently in the second year of her Masters in NGO Management at the Centre for Charity Effectiveness, Cass Business School. 


Ian Williams - Photo.jpg

Ian Williams - Co Director

Ian is Co-Director of Caplor Horizons. Following studies in Agriculture, Management and Marketing, he completed a PhD in Strategy and has held honorary positions at Cass Business School and Worcester Business School.

He is a former long-standing CEO of an International NGO and a specialist in organisational change. He is also a highly experienced facilitator and enjoys working with diverse organisations and teams. 

The NGO that he led for 16 years is United Purpose (formerly Concern Universal). During this time it grew successfully from £2m to £23m expenditure per annum. He is also non-executive Director of Haygrove, a dynamic international horticultural business, and Chair of the Advisory Board of Caplor Energy, a leading renewable energy business.

Ian has carried out various voluntary roles, including being a longstanding Governor of a Primary School.


Our Members

We have a  number of committed members who generously make regular financial contributions to our organisation. 

To find out more, please contact us.

Rather than being passive donors, we prefer that people contribute to a cause that they believe in.
— Rupert Cadbury - Philanthropy Advisor