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The Team

Caplor Horizons has a dynamic team of Advisors, specialising in a wide range of fields. Advisors contribute time and expertise for the benefit of society, doing this on a voluntary or reduced rate basis. In this way we support smaller organisations that might otherwise not be able to afford high quality services.

We have a small team of Staff, a voluntary Board of Trustees, and a growing membership base. Scroll down to find out more about our Trustees, Staff, Advisors and Membership. 

During the past year, our Advisors contributed over 800 days of their time - I’m delighted to be playing an active role.
— Dr Peter Moore – Governance Advisor

Matching Needs

We match the needs of organisations, teams and individuals to the skills and experience of our team.
— Richard Harvey – Strategy Advisor, Former - CEO of Aviva

Our Advisors

Below is a selection of our advisors. Clicking on the photos will show you the relevant biography.

Become an Advisor

We have an expanding team of Advisors willing to contribute their time on a voluntary basis. 

This is an opportunity to do the best work you’ve ever done!
— John White - Advisor

Our Board

Below are the members of our board. Clicking on the photos will show you the relevant biography.

Our Core Team

Our Members

We have a  number of committed members who generously make regular financial contributions to our organisation. 

To find out more, please contact us.

Rather than being passive donors, we prefer that people contribute to a cause that they believe in.
— Rupert Cadbury - Philanthropy Advisor