We provide a highly engaging approach to reviewing and developing strategy

Members from Swan Advocacy learning about the Caplor House

Members from Swan Advocacy learning about the Caplor House

We are specialists in helping organisations bring about strategic change.

We have a particularly strong track record in diagnosing organisational culture and facilitating its development.


Here is Usha Ladwa-Thomas, an Advisor, introducing Caplor Horizons and talking about our work on strategic change with an international NGO called INASP. This covered 4 countries e.g. Ghana - click here to learn more.

some examples of our distinctive tools, models and approaches.


Strategy on a page

We enable organisations to depict their ‘essence’ and strategic direction clearly and succinctly.

We call this a ‘Strategy on a Page’ or ‘SOAP’.

Ella's Rich Picture - FINAL.jpg

Rich Pictures

We enable organisations to develop creative and compelling images to tell their story, including about their strategic direction

Culture Tree 2.png

The Culture Tree

We use our ‘Culture Tree’ to help organisations diagnose and strengthen their culture.

The tree emphasises the living, dynamic, changing nature of culture.

caplor islands.jpg

Caplor islands

The Caplor Islands is a model for leading strategic change inspired by John Kotter’s 8-step model.

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