We provide high quality services tailored to your organisational needs



We facilitate in highly engaging ways - stimulating creativity, gaining clear results and inspiring confidence and openness.


Increasing and Diversifying Funding

We have developed clear pathways for organisations to strengthen their financial position, focusing on the value that they bring.

For instance, we have one exercise about “not putting all your eggs in one basket”!


impact assessment

We carry out strategic impact assessments. We have a particular expertise in applying qualitative methods


emotional intelligence

We provide opportunities for individuals and teams to diagnose and develop their emotional intelligence. We believe it is important to consider an organisation’s values in the context of applying emotional intelligence.


Governance review and development

We work with boards to improve relationships and pinpoint ways to strengthen governance. For instance, one increasingly vital factor is how boards address environmental challenges.


CROSS SECTOR collaboration

We have highly attuned insights into how businesses and not for profits can collaborate effectively. We have run sessions on this for umbrella bodies as well as individual organisations.


Unconscious bias

We have highly experienced and skilled facilitators who can take individuals and teams on journeys to improve awareness of and attention to unconscious bias. For instance, gender is a very significant consideration.



Clive Hyland (second from left) leads the way we have applied neuroscientific breakthroughs to strengthening organisational effectiveness. For more read his latest book.


contributing wisely?

We have a great deal of experience enabling Philanthropists and Trusts and Foundations to direct funds in the most impactful way possible.

For instance, Rupert Cadbury, Philanthropy Advisor, has written a paper on family Trusts.


effective communication

We have distinctive and very well founded approaches to improving communication. For example, cross cultural communication is an important consideration.


marketing and branding

We generate creative ways for organisations to renew their marketing and branding.

Our Marketing Advisor, Simon Oldroyd (pictured), has written a paper about this.