To achieve sustainable change, we need to inspire and enable people to learn differently, think differently and act differently

We are now in our second strategy cycle. We deeply appreciate the efforts of all those who helped develop it.

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Our Vision

A world in which social, environmental and economic progress is balanced

Our Purpose

To inspire and enable leaders to deliver a sustainable future

Our Mission

To make a distinctive contribution to organisational change and effectiveness

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Our Beliefs

  • We are all leaders in our own distinctive way

  • In diversity we find strength

  • Everyone matters

  • Learning is more effective if it is fun, engaging, creative and based on people’s strengths

  • Collaboration helps achieve greater impact

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Our Values

  • Inspiration - To inspire and enable others, whatever our role and whoever we are.

  • Sustainability - To bring about positive and lasting change by uniting people and ideas.

  • Improvement - To enhance everything that we do by reflecting and learning together.

Our Strategic Goals


Achieve Greater Influence

We are contributing to a movement for positive change across sectors


Strengthen engagement

We are proactively improving our relationships and engagement


reframe horizons

We are inspiring and enabling learning, thinking and acting differently