Seeing is believing


Click here to watch a 2-minute film about ‘what we do’

A series of short films about our collaboration and impact, known as ‘Caplor Droplets’. So far we have been filming in the UK and Tamil Nadu, India.

Each film covers an important issue facing humanity and showcasing how organisations are proactively overcoming these challenges.

Arts and Media Hub

CEDAR, India

CEDAR address many of the challenges faced by marginalised youths in Tamil Nadu.

Teaching the use of the latest technology, as well as the importance of self-expression, they help children discover their potential and make the transition into a more fulfilled, self-reliant adulthood

Generating Income

Children Watch, India

Children Watch aim to empower marginalised communities in Tamil Nadu.

They mostly work with the Irula tribe helping to provide financial Independence to women through microloans and skills development.

Modern day slavery

Tribal Dalit initiatives, India

Tribal Dalit Initiatives (TDI) is a network of 14 NGOs in Tamil Nadu, India.

They are advocating to end 'bonded labour', a form of modern day slavery, helping Tribal and Dalit communities to attain their basic human rights.


Dementia Matters in Powys, UK

In the UK, someone will be diagnosed with dementia every 3-minutes.

Dementia Matters in Powys is committed to giving a voice to those living with dementia and supporting them in their everyday lives.

Caplor Horizons - Beginnings

Cass Business School, UK

A longer film about the start-up of Caplor Horizons can also be watched here.

It is introduced by Professor Ian Bruce and followed by commentary on the story by Charles Handy.