We believe everyone is a leader

A confidence building exercise with women from marketing federations in The Gambia

A confidence building exercise with women from marketing federations in The Gambia

We enable people to understand, build on and maximise their strengths to become authentic and skillful leaders.

We have a flagship programme and we can also create responses to suit your organisation.

Case Study: Red Cross Leadership Programme

Here is Velma Nyapera speaking about the difference one of our programmes made to her. This involved leaders from 13 countries across sub-Saharan Africa.

some examples of our distinctive tools, models and approaches

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The Caplor House Programme

We provide an exceptional programme that brings together academic thinking, an experiential learning approach and real-world experience.

It comprises three 2-day modules focusing on individual, team and organisational development.


Human Horizons

Why is connecting with some people so much easier than it is with others?

This interactive tool, based on neuroscience, provides an insight into our behaviours.

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Six senses of teamwork

We believe that individuals need to have strong connections within a team.

We describe these connections as the ‘Six Senses’. Strengthening these will lead to greater motivation.



Social philosopher, Charles Handy, states that we should strive to “do the best at what you are best at for the benefit of others”

Using tools such as the ‘strengths cards’ we help teams work together to create opportunities for positive feedback.

effective leadership

Richard Harvey, one of our Advisors, speaks here about what it takes to be an effective leader.

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