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Inspiring and Enabling Leaders to Deliver a Sustainable Future

Our Story

 Picture © Copyright Elizabeth Handy 2016

Picture © Copyright Elizabeth Handy 2016

Caplor is a farm in Herefordshire in the UK. It now lends its name to Caplor Horizons, a charity that works for charities.

Caplor Horizons exists to help other organisations strengthen their leadership, renew their strategy and improve their influence.

In this way it aims to improve their effectiveness and ensure their sustainable future.
— Charles Handy - Social Philosopher

Watch our Co-Director Ian Williams talk about Caplor Horizons' journey, alongside Charles Handy speaking about his latest ideas.


What We Do

We are specialists in organisational effectiveness.

We enable the development of organisational strategy, facilitate leadership and team development, and help strengthen the abilities of organisations to influence change.
— Lorna Pearcey - Co-Director

How We Work

We strive to create very distinct learning environments, where people are stimulated, enjoy themselves and have fun. We keep things as flexible and simple as possible to respond effectively to their needs. 

Our staff and Advisors are highly experienced and skilled people.
— Prof. Sharon Turnbull - Organisational Development Advisor

Who We Work With

We are a charity for other charities and we also work with responsible businesses.

We operate locally, nationally and internationally with organisations, teams and individuals. We also provide mentoring and coaching.
— Jean Sellar - Programmes and Partnerships Coordinator

Our Impact

Having worked with Ian for over the years on several challenging not-for-profit projects, I know CaplorHorizons is making a significant impact for the good.
— Prof. Ian Bruce CBE

A Different Lens

We have had the privilege of working with Liz and Charles Handy to create a ‘Still Life’. They have also created a Booklet that capture who we are.
— Vanessa Bradbury - Social Media Advisor

Our Resources

Ann Alder (pictured) and I have worked with CaplorHorizons and other Advisors to develop innovative models, resources and thought-leadership papers. These include The Caplor House, The Essentials Programme, The Voyage Board and Human Horizons. These are all freely available and downloadable from Your Voyage.
— Dr Geoff Cox - Learning Design Advisor

The Voyage Board

Ian Williams - Photo.jpg
The metaphor of a voyage is a powerful tool for individual, team and organisational change.
— Ian Williams - Co-Director

Our Values and Beliefs

Inspiration, Sustainability and Improvement.

IMG_6370 (2).JPG
A sustainable future is at the heart of everything we do.
— Usha Ladwa-Thomas - Co-Chair

Caplor Perspective

This is Caplor - a small hill in on the border lands between England and Wales. It is designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, encouraging  us to look after our planet for future generations.

At Caplor, our intention is to make a real difference to people’s lives, the lives of the organisations to which they belong and, ultimately, to the wider world. Whoever we work with, we always listen first, we learn from the people involved and - only then - respond with suggestions about how to address needs.

We seek to encourage a new generation of organisations that include both businesses and charities, as long as they share the values that we seek to promote. We start with ourselves. Caplor Horizons is an independent charity that is also part of the Caplor family, which includes three businesses focusing on renewable energy, farming and property.